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We may be in a new year, and you may be giving your best shot at coping with a stressful work environment. But it's a tough challenge. Or maybe someone near and dear to you is struggling with workplace stress. Experts say as many as 4 in 10 employees report being "extremely stressed" at work. 8 out of 10 say they experience at least some stress. Although in some cases you may need and benefit from professional help, there are a number of actions for minimizing stress at work that could help you right now. What Is Stress? It's hard to pin down a precise definition of stress. According to the American Institute of Stress, one of the most common descriptions is "physical, mental of emotional strain or tension." A more detailed definition is "your body's way of responding to any kind of demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences. When people feel stressed by  something going on around them, their bodies react by releasing chemicals into the blood. "These chemicals give people more en ... [...]
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Everything You Need to Know About the Burbank Winter Wine Walk Wine walks -- downtown strolls visiting local stores, wine bars and bodegas to sample lots of different flavors, bouquets and vintages -- are massively popular across the whole of the US. But when they include a whole raft of other activities, celebrations, great shopping and a free public street fair, we must be talking about the third annual Burbank Wine Winter Walk. Coming up on Saturday (November 17) in the heart of Downtown Burbank's shopping and dining neighborhood, it's been called the city's social event of the season. And  with good reason. On the heels of last year's successful event and October's magnificent Beer Festival, this year's Wine Walk, showcasing world-class wineries and breweries, is set to be another sellout kick-off to the Holiday season. In other words, it's a great opportunity not only to sample some of the region's best wine offerings but also to get an early start on your Holiday gift shopping. This excit ... [...]
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Ensure your Legacy with Life Insurance Too many people are taking an unnecessary risk by not protecting their loved one with life insurance. That's the message from the non-profit consumer support organization Life Happens to mark September's 2018 Life Insurance Awareness Month. And it's not just a glib statement that's trying to sell you life insurance. There's a genuine concern about how survivors have to struggle after the main wage-earner in a family dies. According to a survey by Life Happens and the global insurance research group LIMRA, one out of every three households would have immediate trouble paying living  expenses if the main earner died. It's truly amazing that around 95 million adult Americans have no life insurance, even though many of them recognize that they need life coverage, Sometimes, they don’t think they can afford it, when the truth is that some types of life insurance are incredibly cheap, even costing less than fifty cents a day. Aldrich Taylor is among those ... [...]
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The Secret Sauce for the Perfect Outdoor Party Have you ever been to a poopy outdoor party? Or maybe it was just mediocre and unmemorable. You know the sort of thing: the food was crummy; people drank too much; the music was too loud; it was just plain boring. And so on. Who wants that? Not at your place for sure. If you're hosting an outdoor party this summer, the secret sauce of success is as simple as this: Make a plan It needn't be a flashy or expensive event (though it can be if you want). It just needs to be carefully thought out. If you're not sure how to plan an outdoor party, let's look at some of the essentials. Where to Start with Outdoor Party Planning There are a few basic items you need to decide at the outset for your outdoor party. These include the intended date -- which you should check against your calendar for potential clashes -- the time and duration. Then, there's the question of a theme or party type -- and the budget to pay for it. Will it be a semi-formal affair ... [...]
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One of the questions many newcomers ask is: Are smart homes safer? Set up and used properly, they certainly can be. For example, smart doorbells with camera technology enable you to answer a "ring" at the front door wherever you are, so the caller doesn’t know whether you're at home or not.

10/5/2015 10:00 AM | 0 Comments

Crooked contractors wanting to steal from homeowners is a common problem. They often will offer bogus repairs that are not even necessary. In some cases, no work is even done. These dishonest contractors love times after heavy rain or wind. After such disasters pass, they are happy to swoop in on unsuspecting homeowners who are desperate for quick repairs.  While the majority of contractors out there are honest, it is usually the ones who go from door to door offering help who are untrustworthy. Good contractors have no need to solicit themselves in this manner. People who go knocking on doors usually say they walked by and happened to notice something wrong.  If there was a recent storm, they may simply show up and offer to fix something that is clearly damaged. Homeowners could lose thousands of dollars falling for these scams. In addition to this, the ensuing headaches from trying to pay even more for real repairs or trying to recover money from a con artist complicate the situation. If a p ... [...]
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Car companies may not make engines the way they used to - but they're making cars safer and more crash-proof per pound than ever before.  And that is a good thing when it comes to your Auto Insurance rate.  From materials to GPS technology to microchips, innovation has made a wide variety of potentially life-saving technologies cost-effective and affordable for the car buyer. Car safety devices and features can be separated into two categories: Passive devices (seat belts and airbags), and active devices, which proactively help drivers avoid accidents, not just survive them. In some cases, insurance companies may offer a premium discount for owning vehicles with some or all of these safety features: Intelligent Airbags In the old days, the saying was that airbags were as dangerous as the accident itself. They opened with such force that they could injure smaller and lighter crash victims. The new generation of bags can sense the size of the crash victim, and their forward speed, and automaticall ... [...]
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When you buy a home and take out a mortgage, part of the agreement is that you will purchase adequate homeowners insurance coverage. Adequate coverage usually means that you are insured for the replacement of your home to 100% of replacement value  or that your home has enough coverage to address the amount of the loan. The latter just means that the mortgage company wants enough coverage to pay the outstanding loan balance but most homeowners policies do not cover the loan amount, just the rebuilding of a home. In a nutshell, the mortgage company wants to make sure that they are protected if your home suffers an insurable loss such as fire or water damage. If you are in a flood zone, they will require you to get separate flood insurance, as regular homeowners policies exclude damage caused by flood and ground water. Your mortgage company will, at a number of times, prompt you to provide proof of home insurance. This typically happens when: Your first purchase your home; this will be done through ... [...]
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