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Winter Driving

2/26/2019 2:55 PM | 0 Comments

How to drive safely in Winter Traveling Conditions Recent extreme weather events across many of the mountain regions of California have brought into focus the dangers of winter driving in these areas. Some ski resorts were reporting falls of several feet across a 72 hour period and there were multiple reports of auto accidents and stranded vehicles. Those who normally take mountain routes to their destinations -- through passes for example -- were being warned to stay away from particularly hazardous areas and some roads were closed for a while when plows were unable to get through. And we're not just talking about narrow roads either. Major freeways can and do get heavily snow-bound. It's easy to think that because you're on a major highway you're safe. You're not. California snow can look beautiful in the winter -- provided you don’t have to drive through it. But if a winter mountain journey is on your agenda, whether in our state or elsewhere, you should follow some basic safety rules to pro ... [...]