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Pool Season Preparation

5/2/2019 8:10 AM | 0 Comments

Top Tips for Preparing for Pool Season Are you ready to make a splash in 2019? That is: have you prepped your outdoor swimming pool for the season? Whether you're a longtime or a new pool owner, getting your pool ready and safe for the season is the best way of getting the max enjoyment from one of the most popular outdoor activities here in Southern California. With that in mind, here's a quick rundown on how to prep for the pool season in 7 easy steps. First, get your gear together. That means the tools you'll need, like a skimmer net and spare parts, and protective clothing for handling chemicals. (You'd be surprised by how many people report to the ER with pool chemical injuries). And be sure to allow yourself enough time both to do the initial tasks and for subsequent filtration and checks. If you covered your pool during winter, you'll need to drain any surface water, remove any yard debris that's blown there and then remove the cov ... [...]