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Cell Phone Awareness

8/6/2019 10:10 AM | 0 Comments

Keep it off the table. Don’t shout. And be courteous at all times. Ninety-four percent of us have them. And, on average we spend 16 hours of every day with them. What are we talking about? Cell phones. They're our digital best friends and we count on them to keep us in touch with other friends, answer questions, pay for stuff, guide us, take photos and videos – oh and a thousand other things most probably. But while they may be our most dependable buddy, they're also a tool that, if used inappropriately, can spread anger and frustration like wildfire.  We're talking about users who intrude into our lives every day with their loud voices, infringement of our privacy, rule-breaking and impoliteness. Whatever happened to cell phone courtesy? It went out the window with our consideration of the needs and concerns of others in our boisterous, noisy world. Not only that, but cell phone usage is also a killer – when devices are used to text while driving. Distrac ... [...]