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National Clean Up Your Computer Month.

1/30/2020 8:00 AM | 0 Comments

Unless you're into the subject of acetic acid in a big way, you probably never heard of the National Vinegar Institute. But it turns out we have them to thank for declaring January to be National Clean Up Your Computer Month. Obviously, they were thinking of the cleansing properties of watered-down vinegar when they dreamed this up but the notion caught on, not so much as an inducement to buy gallons of the stuff to scrub up our PCs and keyboards, but to encourage us to clean the digital parts we can't see. That's the stuff that comprises the data, apps and programs that constitute the business of computing and that somehow contrive to run slower and slower as the year progresses. But, still, a bit of a vinegar rub-down is probably also in order as well. So if you want your PC to sparkle inside and out, read on. How to Get Your Computer in Clean Running Condition Yes, it happens to everyone. You buy a new computer that flies like a supersonic jet. Then you install and ... [...]