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Ergonomics Best Practice for You Home Office

4/22/2020 8:00 AM | 0 Comments

Are you sitting comfortably? No, really comfortably? Maybe not, if you're among the many thousands of Angelinos who suddenly find themselves working from home. While protecting yourself and others from the perils of the Coronavirus outbreak, you could be risking your health in another way.  Your usual workplace may have been set up by experts to ensure comfort, safety and efficiency -- better known collectively as ergonomics. But you probably can’t say the same about your home workstation. However, a few simple steps and precautions should solve most of the potential issues. Ergonomic Tips While Working from Home Good working ergonomics are about having the right equipment in the right position and taking care of your body while you work. You should already be using many of the best ergonomic practices at your office and it's a case of translating them into your home office. Your Workstation Don't be tempted to sit on the couch or sprawl on the bed with your laptop. It may s ... [...]