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Aldrich Taylor Insurance wants to make sure you and your family are prepared for a home fire. To help make sure you and your family stay safe at home, here are some important fire protection and prevention tips that provide some important ways to protect your home from fire. Call us today to make sure your home is fully protected 1-818-841-2940.

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New to ride sharing services?  That's OK. The transition from standard taxis to services like Uber or Lyft can be an easy one with some simple tips and hints to follow.  You may need some help with how to download the app, request a fare and if it's a good idea to tip at the end of a ride.
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El Nino is upon us and it is time to consider  flood insurance. This practical insurance can be purchased anytime, but the policy does not take effect for 30 days. While Earthquakes are the most common natural disaster here in California, flooding is the most common natural disaster throughout the country.  With the predicted heavy rain weather on it's way It is very important to keep in mind that flooding is not commonly covered in your typical homeowner's insurance policy, making it necessary to purchase additional coverage for this costly, devastating disaster. If you are in a high-risk flood zone (uncommon for a lot of our area), a federally regulated lender will require a  borrower to buy flood insurance in order to qualify for a mortgage loan. To satisfy the lender, flood insurance must be purchased in an amount that sufficiently covers the loan.  If you are NOT in a flood zone, don't assume you are safe!  Floods have been known to happen anywhere at anytime. The definition s ... [...]
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In our area of the country, the risk of an earthquake is never far from our minds. In areas along the San Andreas Fault line in California, the earth has a way of nudging people awake anytime we feel complacent. We have been relatively lucky, as truly devastating earthquakes on the level that we have seen in recent years in China, Mexico, Japan and Haiti, involving thousands and even hundreds of thousands of deaths -have been rare. That's due to a combination of California's strenuously enforced building codes - and pure dumb luck. Yes, we have had several quakes of 9+ magnitude strike low-populated areas of Alaska over the years. But as of this writing, we have not had a major metropolitan area host the epicenter of a 7.8 magnitude-plus earthquake in living memory. But that could change anytime. The Federal Department of Emergency Management has developed a threat matrix to help gauge your exposure to earthquake threats. In addition, FEMA has also published maps to help you determine your proximity to f ... [...]
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While every couple hopes their wedding day will be perfect, unfortunately there are cases each year where disasters happen. A lot of these disasters can be avoided with wedding insurance. This type of coverage protects couples financially and covers their wedding arrangements against various mishaps. Wedding insurance is affordable enough to fit into almost any couple's budget. With policy price tags starting around $125, couples planning expensive weddings cannot afford to go without coverage. This small investment will bring big piece of mind. The decision to buy wedding insurance is a personal choice each couple must make for themselves. In the United States, the average cost of a wedding is more than $25,000. Some couples get by on less, but there are many couples who spend much more than this amount on the reception alone. The key to deciding whether insurance is necessary is to weigh the total wedding bill against the cost of coverage. For a couple who plans to have a quick courthouse wedding wearing t ... [...]
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Crooked contractors wanting to steal from homeowners is a common problem. They often will offer bogus repairs that are not even necessary. In some cases, no work is even done. These dishonest contractors love times after heavy rain or wind. After such disasters pass, they are happy to swoop in on unsuspecting homeowners who are desperate for quick repairs.  While the majority of contractors out there are honest, it is usually the ones who go from door to door offering help who are untrustworthy. Good contractors have no need to solicit themselves in this manner. People who go knocking on doors usually say they walked by and happened to notice something wrong.  If there was a recent storm, they may simply show up and offer to fix something that is clearly damaged. Homeowners could lose thousands of dollars falling for these scams. In addition to this, the ensuing headaches from trying to pay even more for real repairs or trying to recover money from a con artist complicate the situation. If a p ... [...]
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Car companies may not make engines the way they used to - but they're making cars safer and more crash-proof per pound than ever before.  And that is a good thing when it comes to your Auto Insurance rate.  From materials to GPS technology to microchips, innovation has made a wide variety of potentially life-saving technologies cost-effective and affordable for the car buyer. Car safety devices and features can be separated into two categories: Passive devices (seat belts and airbags), and active devices, which proactively help drivers avoid accidents, not just survive them. In some cases, insurance companies may offer a premium discount for owning vehicles with some or all of these safety features: Intelligent Airbags In the old days, the saying was that airbags were as dangerous as the accident itself. They opened with such force that they could injure smaller and lighter crash victims. The new generation of bags can sense the size of the crash victim, and their forward speed, and automaticall ... [...]
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When you buy a home and take out a mortgage, part of the agreement is that you will purchase adequate homeowners insurance coverage. Adequate coverage usually means that you are insured for the replacement of your home to 100% of replacement value  or that your home has enough coverage to address the amount of the loan. The latter just means that the mortgage company wants enough coverage to pay the outstanding loan balance but most homeowners policies do not cover the loan amount, just the rebuilding of a home. In a nutshell, the mortgage company wants to make sure that they are protected if your home suffers an insurable loss such as fire or water damage. If you are in a flood zone, they will require you to get separate flood insurance, as regular homeowners policies exclude damage caused by flood and ground water. Your mortgage company will, at a number of times, prompt you to provide proof of home insurance. This typically happens when: Your first purchase your home; this will be done through ... [...]
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Inattention, driving under the influence of alcohol and excessive speeding.  These are all actions that can greatly affect your premium.  Such drivers ultimately cause accidents, occasionally ending the lives of innocent people. In addition to the expenses and punishments stemming from legal trouble, reckless drivers also end up experiencing higher auto insurance rates. Other penalties will involve license suspensions, taking classes through the DMV and fees. Auto insurance following such a reinstatement is much more expensive than traditional rates. Why is your premium so high?  When auto insurance companies calculate premiums, the most important issue they research is the customer's driving history. Tickets and auto accidents usually stay on a person's record for three years.  Major infractions can stay on your record for up to 10 years! Age, gender, driving frequency, parking location, car type, and desired coverage are also considered.  Now, I know you don't have control over yo ... [...]