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California Auto Dealer Insurance

Being an auto dealer has some tremendous risks involved and those risks need to be insured. Just the fact alone that most auto dealerships keep the entire value of their business out on the showroom floor or on an open lot all day and night is enough to know that the proper Auto Dealer Insurance is necessary. Hopefully most car dealers know that basic General Liability Insurance isn't sufficient enough to cover all of the aspects of their unique business. An auto dealer needs a suitable insurance policy, covering everything from the cars on the lot all the way to the liability inherent with business transactions.

Protecting Your Reputation

A quick story about a car dealer who luckily had the proper coverage... we'll call him Terry. Terry put everything he had into his used car dealership and his business was thriving. Having grown up in the small town he still currently resided and worked in gave him a huge advantage over the competition... trust. The people in his town knew Terry and therefore trusted him. They knew they would get a good car and a great deal with Terry. Terry had just finished up a deal at the end of the day and the customer asked if he could leave his new car there overnight, as he wanted to surprise his wife with the purchase the following day. "No problem", said Terry. The next morning when Terry had arrived to work, the car was gone. He assumed the customer came in early to pick up the car; however, that was proven to be incorrect when the client showed up 30 minutes later to come get the car. The car had been stolen and even though the car was technically now the customer's responsibility, Terry filed a claim with his Car Dealer Insurance policy and was reimbursed for the damages. This meant everything to Terry as his reputation was left intact.

Auto Dealer Coverage Details

A comprehensive Auto Dealer Insurance policy in California can include coverage such as:

  • Garage keepers - Covers damage for customers autos
  • Hired auto - Provides coverage for vehicles that you or an employee borrow or rent for business
  • Errors and Omissions - Odometer, Truth in Lending, and Title Prep
  • Non Owned auto - Provides protection for employees or members of your household using your vehicles
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage - For damages based on a garage related business
  • And much much more!

Although an Car Dealer Insurance policy may seem like an expensive one, don't believe it. This coverage is some of the most affordable protection available.

Both owners of new and used car dealerships are eligible for California Car Dealer Insurance. It is simply the most cost effective way of eliminating the perils associated with garaging an expensive inventory of vehicles. Most dealers simply can't afford NOT to have this coverage

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