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California Errors And Omissions Insurance

Your business is thriving and you've taken all the steps necessary to continue on an upward trend. You've also been careful and responsible in making sure that your business is properly insured for any unforeseen issues that may appear. By purchasing a General Liability Insurance policy, you feel that you've done all you can to prevent a huge lawsuit from ruining your business; however, there are quite a few things that a basic General Liability policy won't cover. Contract performance, errors or disputes, and really any case where a client holds you financially responsible for a service you provided (or didn't provide) that produced less than the promised or expected results are items that aren't covered by your General Liability Insurance. This is where Errors And Omissions Insurance comes in. It provides coverage for you for errors you've made or omissions that you client believe you made.

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Lawsuits Can Cost A Fortune

One nice bonus about California E&O coverage is that it provides coverage for the costs of allegations, court costs, lawyer fees, judgments. Even if the grounds of the lawsuit are frivolous, coverage can still be provided under an E & O Insurance Policy giving you the peace of mind knowing that your business can continue to grow without it coming to a halt due to a lawsuit.

Who Really Needs E&O coverage?

The short answer: any person, corporation or business that provides a service to a client. Ranging from a doctor all the way to a web hosting company, nearly every business has an Errors And Omissions Insurance exposure that should be covered. We all make mistakes as no business is perfect. Anytime a service is provided to a client there is a possible E&O exposure.

For doctors, chiropractors, or dentists, this insurance is often referred to as Malpractice Insurance. For lawyers, engineers, and accounts it can often be called professional liability. Regardless of the name, all business and individuals can benefit greatly by having an E&O Insurance policy.

Affordable Price For The Right Coverage

You may think that E & O Insurance is expensive due to being highly specialized; however, it can often be one of the most affordable pieces of coverage that you purchase for your business. Contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency today to see how inexpensive the coverage you need really can be!

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. California E&O Insurance needs to be purchased prior to beginning a project or ahead of a product launch. Make sure your next venture is fully protected.
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