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Every farmer knows that they need to carry insurance to protect their land, their crops and their business; however, most don't know what that really means or entails. Luckily, we are here to help and we can make purchasing Farm Insurance as easy as possible. No matter the type of farmer that you are, here at Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency we are able to provide you the most comprehensive and competitive insurance package available.

Is your farm being operated with computerized equipment? This includes sensors for soil, weather and crops. Have you considered insuring those things? How about financial loss that you may suffer? What about being protected for lost earnings while your business is being restored? How about those special events you hold on your property like a haunted house or hayride to help generate some additional income? There's lots of things to consider when deciding if your farm business is protected properly and some of these aren't covered by standard Crop Insurance. This could make you a target of a lawsuit where you are left unprotected and on your own.

Insurance experts, like us, call these "protection gaps" and farm operations hold the potential for a lot of them, maybe more so than any other type of profession. Any sliver of protection that is missing and not adequately addressed in your Agribusiness Insurance policy could cost you time, money or even your farm! The companies that we have access to provide coverage for farmers including, but not limited to:

  • General Liability Insurance - Liability Protection for your farm and all the farm/business operations.
  • Property Protection - From specialized farm equipment all the way to the home you live in on the farm. Proper property protection is essential.
  • Loss of Income - Provides income during those times your farm is being restored due to a covered peril.
  • Special Events - Provides additional protection for those unique events you hold on your property, not normally associated with your primary occupation.

If you are uncertain about what your current policy covers; if you have altered your farm processes or are concerned about increasing weather risks to your crop, contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency. We are happy to review your current coverage, make suggestions and provide a no-risk free quote as an alternative. We may even save you money too! As an independent agency we are able to represent multiple carriers who want your Farm Insurance business and this competitiveness allows you to reap the benefits of comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.

Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency Your California Crop Insurance Experts

Since 1955, the insurance veterans at Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency has provided Agribusiness Insurance for big and small farm operations in the greater Southern California area. We are known as reliable, competent and knowledgeable about agribusiness. We keep up on insurance protection related to all of the latest technological advances in the industry.

So simply click on the button above today - before the next crop cycle. You will receive a call from one of our Crop Insurance specialists. Together, we will discuss your current farm protection needs and get you headed in the right direction.