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There is probably no single business landscape that is changing faster and more often than Group Health Insurance and being a business owner has been made all the more difficult by these constant changes. You feel like you have a grasp on it and suddenly it's changed again. Trying to comprehend everything involving this important policy can be a daunting task and one that has simply become a necessary evil for many business owners out there. The old mantra: You don't want to deal with it, but you have no one else that will handle it. This applies with Employee Benefits. Great news! You no longer need to. Turn over your coverage needs to Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency and let the experts guide you through this ever changing landscape and help you make the most informed decision possible for you and your employees

As an independent agency we have access to multiple companies offering Group Health Benefits. So by simply contacting us, you'll know that we'll shop for the most comprehensive package at the most competitive rate for you and your employees.

Providing this coverage to your employees can be an excellent perk and a great way to help retain wonderful employees. Think about it. If you were an employee and were offered a job for the same amount of pay you made currently; however, Group Health Insurance was added as a benefit, it would be tough to stay put at your current job. Don't let this happen to you and your business, by being able to provide them great benefits.

It's never a bad time to contact us to get a quote. Whether your business doesn't have a policy now OR if they do and are looking to switch, we pride ourselves on being able to provide quoting options that make sense to clients in a timely and professional manner.

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Covered CA: We Got You Covered!

With the recent passing of the Affordable Care Act, a whole new wrench has been thrown into the mix. Business owners are constantly wondering what this means for their business and the Employee Benefits they provide moving forward. Some businesses may even be charged a tax for having incorrect coverage offered to their employees. Luckily, our insurance experts can answer all your questions when it comes to the new Affordable Care Act.

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At Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency we have provided CA Employee Benefits for the forward thinking businesses of California since 1955. Our clients and their employees know that the choices they've made are good ones in regards to this important decision. They've been educated and properly covered and can't really ask for more.

You need to review your group health policy every year, especially in these turbulent times with the ever changing Health Insurance laws and regulations. So, complete the Protection Savers Form below, or contact us at 818-846-4834 today - BEFORE the next open enrollment period. We will then contact you to discuss your Group Health Benefits needs and provide you with enough viable group health quotes to select from.