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California Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

As an attorney, liability is part of your business. Every single day you see different lawsuits and you've learned that it is a "dog eat dog" world out there. Anyone can sue anyone for almost anything. Observing this in your business is one thing; however, have you taken the necessary steps to protect the liability of you and your practice? An Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance has become a necessary option for any attorney or law firm seeking coverage to protect them from any lawsuit that may come their way.

Standard Liability Coverage Is Not Enough

You may think that your General Liability policy is enough to cover you and your business; however, it doesn't even come close to protecting you against a possible lawsuit. Some items that Lawyers Professional Liability will cover:

  • Acts of negligence towards a client or their case while acting as an attorney
  • Errors and/or Omissions occurring that cause financial loss to a client while acting as an attorney.
  • Any claim arising from your professional legal service....and much more.

NONE of the above items are covered by your standard Liability policy or Business Owner's Policy; hence the need for an Attorney Professional Liability Insurance. Plus this coverage extends to all people at your law firm, including part-time and/or contracted council. It also extends to your entire support staff which includes legal assistants, notaries, paralegals and secretaries.

Malpractice claims against attorneys are on the rise, and it may be ironic to some that many attorneys out there don't carry Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance coverage. Prevent your law firm from becoming part of the wrong side of this statistic. Contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency now to get your legal professional needs covered.

Necessary Coverage You Can Afford

The costs involved with running a law partnership are always a concern; however, Attorney Professional Liability Insurance can often be the most affordable coverage you can purchase. It can also be the most important coverage you ever purchase as the likelihood of a professional lawsuit arising tends to be far greater than that of a simple liability lawsuit. Simply by contacting Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency at 818-841-2940 today or completing the new quote form, you will quickly learn how competitive our rates are for the coverage you need most.

Almost any business aspect of a law firm can be challenged in court and a strong Attorney Professional Liability Insurance can keep you and your partners on task, knowing that you are protected because California Lawyers insurance is designed to keep law firms functioning and covered during lawsuits aimed at the firm.

Two great reasons listed below to contact us now:

  1. There is simply no cost to contact us. We will be happy to discuss and/or review all of your professional liability needs with no risk to you.
  2. The unforeseen professional lawsuit could be just around the corner, don't go another day with the improper liability coverage.

Call us now at 818-841-2940 or fill out the form to be contacted by one of our professionals. You'll be glad you did and we always look forward to assisting.