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It was supposed to be a magical day full of memories. Charles and Sandra were hosting the wedding of their last child, Samantha. A wedding date can always be a special occasion and one that the parents of the bride will never forget. Unfortunately, this day would be one that Charles and Sandra would never forget for a bad reason: "over-served" patrons of the wedding.

Charles and Sandra wanted the best for their daughter and they knew that any party worth attending has an "open bar". Everyone had a great time at the wedding, dancing the night away and celebrating the new venture Samantha was taking in marriage. The next morning, while Charles and Sandra were talking about all the memories that were made, they received a phone call that forever changed their lives. Sadly, one person who had been at the wedding decided to drive home intoxicated and struck a vehicle severely injuring a few people in the car. The police had informed Charles and Sandra that this incident could be blamed on them and wondered if they had Liquor Liability Insurance in place for their event. Unfortunately, they did not and through many lawsuits ended up having to pay for the people's injuries out of pocket.

Serving alcohol at a special event (like the wedding mentioned above) or owning a business that serves alcohol always includes large risk. Liquor Insurance protects you or your company against loss or damages claimed as the result of a patron of your business becoming intoxicated and injuring themselves or others. If your business manufactures, sells, serves, or facilitates the use or purchase of alcohol, then you need Alcohol Liability Insurance coverage.

California Liquor Liability 101

Even amongst many insurance experts, there has always been some confusion regarding liquor liability. The laws around Liquor Liability often vary from state to state and the options can get confusing; however, here is some basic information on the subject:

  • "Dram Shop" Laws: hold alcoholic beverage servers financially liable for harm that visibly intoxicated individuals cause to other people, themselves, or property. These laws are established at the state level. They can apply not only to bars, liquor stores and restaurants, but also to social clubs and private events where liquor is served. Dram shop laws also include selling liquor without a license, selling liquor after hours, and selling liquor to minors.
  • Liquor Legal Liability: provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage for which you may become legally liable as the result of contributing to a person's intoxication. This coverage is provided by a separate policy and will only cover establishments 'in the business of' manufacturing, selling, distributing, or serving alcoholic beverages for a charge. This exposure is not covered under a general liability policy.
  • Host Liquor Liability Insurance Policies: cover special events for businesses that elect to serve alcohol to their employees, prospects, and customers. This type of liability insurance is also needed by people and businesses serving or providing alcoholic beverages to customers, guests, or employees.

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Recent State statutes and plenty of court decisions are holding vendors of alcoholic beverages responsible for damages under liquor liability laws. Even with this trend, liquor liability continues to be a dwindling and quiet market around the country. Surprisingly, more than half of the establishments in the United States choose to forgo liquor liability all together.

Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency makes your Alcohol Liability Insurance process as simple as possible. By filling out a simple online form, our expert agents will shop the market for you and get the best possible coverage and competitive premiums. We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients and their interests.

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