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Would your photography business last long without your equipment? What if your computer dies unexpectedly or your portfolio is lost or stolen? Do you have an insurance plan in place right now to take care of that?

What about a lawsuit? However rare,stories about horrible events do happen. We've seen stories about a disgruntled groom or bride suing their wedding photographers, who had no Photography Insurance. Most of the time the plaintiff doesn't get the judgment, of course, but these cases can leave the photographers left with attorney's fees from the suit.

These scenarios can get expensive without the proper Photographer Insurance, especially if you don't have the savings to cover your own losses. Lucikly Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency knows the photography business well enough to offer the unique coverage needs of professional photographers and studios.

Photography Business Insurance: What Can It Cover?

When you're thinking about photography coverage, it's important to remember all the categories of possible liability and risk to make sure you're comfortable with your level of protection. Here are a few areas photographers should consider:

  • Camera Equipment Including Theft
  • Rented Camera Equipment
  • Liability coverage
  • Portfolio coverage
  • Computer Equipment Coverage
  • Office Furniture and Equipment
  • Property of Others
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Business Income Protection

Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency Can Cover Your Photography Insurance Needs

Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency is your direct resource for Photography Business Insurance. We deal exclusively with some of the most competitive carriers in the industry that offer unique insurance products specifically designed for many Los Angeles Photography Businesses, both big and small.

Most importantly we are here to help our clients prepare for crisis and get them back in the business of photography as quickly as possible should claims or lawsuits arise.

Whether you are a new photography business or checking current coverage, please don't wait for something to happen before you review the coverage on your Photographer Insurance. We ask that you take a few moments to fill out the free, no obligation form located at the top of this page. It could mean significant savings or getting much better coverage in place starting today. Find out how we can help with your insurance needs right now. We're ready to help!