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California Restaurant Insurance

Running a business can always be a tricky thing; however, when that business is a restaurant, a whole new level of complexity comes into play: your goal as a restaurateur is to provide your customers an enjoyable and smooth dining experience. From parking/valet to the quality of the food and all the way to paying the check and leaving, those customers are in your care and expect the best; otherwise you can count on them not being customers again. As a restaurateur, you know that there are many ingredients needed to run a successful business. Don't get caught overlooking a critical piece by exposing your restaurant to unneeded risks--get a Restaurant Insurance policy.

By purchasing Food Service Insurance in California you are able to keep your restaurant in business at all times. With all-in-one Commercial Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, Workers Comp, Business Auto Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance, the right Restaurant or Bar Insurance policy is your best bet and Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency is your expert.

Great Coverage Options And Delicious Prices

Restaurant Insurance provides a complete package of coverage that covers all aspects of your restaurant, including but not limited to:

  • Liquor Liability: This protects you in case a customer sues you for being "over served" and causing bodily or physical harm after leaving your establishment.
  • Food spoilage coverage: If the power ever goes out at your restaurant causing all of your frozen/refrigerated food to spoil, your Food Service Insurance policy can provide reimbursement for that.
  • Loss of Income: In order for your restaurant business to survive, you need to be open. If a loss ever occurs preventing your business from being open to the public, that can put you out of a lot of money. Loss of Income or Business Interruption Insurance can provide reimbursement for those times.

You can customize your Restaurant or Bar Insurance based on the features of your business. If you have a bar, a delivery service, a large storage facility then you need more than just a general business policy.

Even with these customizable options you may think that the cost for covearge is excessive; however, one of the best reasons to purchase Food Service Insurance is the return on investment you'll receive and included value these policies include. One large added value these policies provide is quality control recommendations at no additional cost. Our insurance companies will send out a specialist who will review and inspect your restaurant and provide recommendations to help run you your restaurant more safely and more efficiently. And again, there is NO additional cost for this provided service.

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