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A barbershop owner (for this story we'll refer to him as Charlie) had owned his salon for 20+ years. He had grown his salon into a wonderful and respected business in town. A delightful staff, a strong customer base, and the overall warm feeling one received while there led to the great success Charlie was experiencing as an owner. This all came to a screeching halt the day Charlie had received a summons. Apparently, one of Charlie's newer clients had decided to file a lawsuit against him and his business for the faulty job one of his staff members had done on her hair. The lawsuit claimed the client's hair had been ruined during a routine bleaching. The client had a job interview the next day (which she was highly qualified for) but didn't get the job. She claimed it was due to the way she looked at the interview and thus sued for future wages she was entitled to. Charlie's business flashed before his eyes, he thought all was lost and everything would go down in flames with this lawsuit. Luckily for Charlie, he had proper Barber Insurance which was able to protect him, his business and his employees during what was his most trying time as an owner.

Beauty Salon Insurance: Meticulous Protection

As a salon or barbershop owner, you know the importance your clients place on their hair and looks. You also know that these clients are becoming more meticulous when it comes to the way they want to look and the way they expect to look when leaving your business. As in the case mentioned above, you probably also know the number of lawsuits being filed by dissatisfied clients is growing by the day.

The intimate activity of styling and cutting hair is one that is important to your clients and thus your lifeblood as a salon owner. In this sensitive environment, you need to have proper protection from a lawsuit that can ruin you and your business.

California's Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency can offer Salon Insurance that protects you from a number of things, including but not limited to:

  • General Liability: For the cases where a client suffers bodily injury while on your premises.
  • Professional Liability: For the cases where you or your staff are accused of negligence or faulty work.
  • Workers Compensation For the cases where someone on staff is injured while working.
  • Loss of Business Income: To help pay for lost income during the time your business is shut down due to a covered peril.

California Barber Shop Insurance is affordable and necessary. You can cut away the unwanted parts and trim away the unneeded parts of general Business Insurance which allows you to simply focus on what's important to your business. Finally, you'll know that your property is insured to proper levels as well.

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Your business is unique. As is every type of business, but, owning a Barber Shop is a qualification all of its own. You may feel that you are already fully protected by your general business insurance policy, but you need a Salon Insurance policy that protects you from its unique risks. Contact our Barber Shop and Beauty Salon Insurance experts today at 818-841-2940 or fill out the link above to see the difference the right type of policy can make.

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