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It was time for the annual trip to Lake Mead, only this time it was different. After years of his family using a friend's boat for their trip, Andrew had finally saved enough money and decided to make the purchase on his own brand new boat. Andrew was both excited and proud to show off his new boat to the usual people he would see at the lake each year. Towing the boat up to the lake went fine enough; however, upon arrival is when things took a turn for the worse. While launching the boat into the lake, an unexpected gust of wind picked up and caused to boat to smash into the dock causing damage to his brand new boat as well as leaving the dock beat up.

Not only had his brand new boat suffered so had his ego, as no longer was he excited to show off his brand new toy to all of his friends at the lake.

Luckily he had contacted Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency prior to taking his boat to the lake, and covered his toy with Boat Insurance. Although his ego was still damaged, the boat was able to be repaired and no worse for the wear.

This is precisely what we are here for: we will protect you, your boat and your passengers with the precise Boating Insurance needed for your vessel.

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Bodies of water can be unpredictable. So can the people populating those bodies. If you look at a lake early in the morning, you'd think you were looking at a Hallmark card: serene, calm and peaceful. If you look at that lake just 5 hours later, it can be a totally different story: the wind has kicked up, boaters have been shredding up the water and now all you see is white water caps. Weather on top of water can be unpredictable as well. One minute the sun is shining and the next minute you and your boat could be pelted with a hailstorm.

At Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency we have protected the residents of Burbank from boating's unpredictable events since 1955. We know our area and the waters in it.

Contact us today, before you launch the boat, to provide protection from the volatile. Simply fill out the Protection Savings Form or contact us at 818-841-2940. Our insurance professionals will contact you and provide the best Boating Insurance money can buy.