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Mark was a healthy young man. He was an avid outdoors man, worked out 3 times a week, ate a well balanced diet and always made sure to get plenty of sleep. He also tried to make smart financial decisions when it came to what he spent his money on. Because of his good health and never getting sick, Mark decided to bypass Health Insurance all together. Sadly the story doesn't end well for Mark. While out on one of his normal hikes, Mark slipped and fell down a small cliff, breaking his hip and leg in the process. His lack of coverage left him paying for all the hospital bills, physical therapy and prescription drugs by himself. The financial burden this left on Mark was devastating. Don't make the same mistake as Mark and contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency today.

Individual Burbank Health Care Insurance Plans

There are a few ways to obtain Healthcare Insurance coverage. Some people get their coverage through their employer. Others qualify for health care through the government due to their low income. The majority of people need to buy their own Individual Health Insurance policy and this can be a confusing process as the options seem to be limitless. If you are one of these people needing your own personal Health Care Insurance plan, you should contact us today.

The reasons to choose one of our policies are numerous. We are an independent agency offering Healthcare Insurance quotes from multiple carriers that offer multiple different coverage plans. We believe in presenting all the options and letting you, the insured, pick the plan you like because who knows what you need more than you!. The experts at Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency will help you choose from:

  • HMO plans: An HMO, Health Maintenance Organization, is a specific type of health care plan that sets out guidelines under which doctors can operate.
  • PPO plans: A PPO, Preferred Provider Organization, is a type of plan that allows you to choose which doctor you'd like to go to. The best coverage is provided with doctors that are "in network"; however, "out of network" coverage is often available.
  • EPO plans: An EPO, Exclusive Provider Organization, is a type of plan that works similar to a PPO; however, no coverage is provided for "out of network" doctors.

Covered CA: I need to find out more

With the ever changing landscape of the health care industry, questions always come up. None more so than right now with the new Affordable HealthCare Act. We have become well versed in all of these changes and are happy to assist with questions. Please visit our California Healthcare Reform page for more answers you may have.

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Since 1955, we have been a leading California-based insurance advisor for individuals, families, and small businesses. The service we provide to our clients has earned us a high level of respect with our insurance carriers. There's simply no reason to wait any longer. Contact us today for a free Healthcare Insurance quote. Or you can simply fill out the form on this page today and we'll contact you to get the easy process started.