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Burbank High Value Home Insurance

The Marshall Family have lived in their beautiful Burbank hills home for over four decades. When they first bought the home it was a quaint 1200 sq ft ranch style home valued at $65,000. Over the past four decades the home had many renovations including a few expansions to make room for their family as it grew. Now they live in a gorgeous two story home at 4500 sq ft with a value estimated over $1 million. The Marshall Family have been with the same insurance company and agency during these past four decades assuming that their homeowner's policy would cover them fully just as it did 40 years ago. Unfortunately, the standard homeowner's policy they've had for years is no longer the correct policy for them and their humble abode. That is where High Value Home Insurance becomes necessary. It offers protection and specialized coverage for your unique high value home that a standard Home Insurance policy lacks. To name a few:

  • Replacement Cost to rebuild your home fully to the way it was before the loss often times providing 200% of your Dwelling Coverage Amount.
  • Full Value on Personal Property which offers replacement cost on all the personal property items in your house such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, and/or fine arts.
  • Identity Theft Protection. What is more valuable than your identity? This provides reimbursement and coverage to help you get your identity back should it ever be taken from you.

And the list goes on....

Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency can help The Marshall Family protect them home fully with a High Value Homeowners Insurance policy should something ever happen and we can help you too! Simpy call 818-841-2940 to get started.

Review your home coverage often

Have you reviewed your High Value Home Insurance amounts lately? If you haven't reviewed this with your agent within the last two years, chances are your home may be underinsured. Estimates to rebuild a home after a loss are typically $225-$450 per sq. ft. depending on the materials used, ornate details of the structure, and the location of the home. Why take the risk of being underinsured? Contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency so that we can take this risk off your hands.

Burbank High Value Homeowners Insurance is available to most every homeowner; however, we'll usually recommend this type of coverage if your home is worth $1 million or more.

Distinctive Coverage For Distinctive Homes

Your home is unique. It's a direct reflection of the amount of time and money you've spent making it the exceptional home that it is. Don't risk purchasing a "cookie-cutter" insurance policy for your distinctive home. Contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency today at 818-841-2940 and begin to realize the advantages of a High Value Homeowners Insurance policy - distinctive coverage.