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Burbank Renters Insurance

"Do I Really Need Rental Insurance?"

Most renters automatically think they don't need Renters Insurance as they believe they are covered automatically in a fire by the landlord's policy. Unfortunately, that is not the case! A typical landlord's policy will provide zero protection for its tenants belongings. A recent study showed that more than two-thirds of renters don't currently carry any insurance because of this belief. Don't be on the bad side of this statistic and contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency at 818-841-2940 to get protected today.

Renter Insurance protects not only your personal belongings, it provides lots of other protection as well, including:

  • Family liability protection
  • Guest medical protection
  • Additional living expenses
  • Additional protection such as ID Theft

Tenant Insurance can also help protect you in case of a liability lawsuit against you. This could occur in a situation where you are held responsible for:

  • Injury to another person
  • Damage to another person's property (whether the incident occurred within your rented residence or elsewhere)

It is because of this great protection that most landlords now require their tenants to purchase Renters Insurance.

What Items Are Covered By Burbank Rental Insurance?

Think of the items you currently have in your apartment. Now imagine they are all gone due to a fire. That's a scary thought! How do you plan on paying to replace all of those items? Where would you live while the reconstruction was going on? Renter Insurance replaces your items, so that if you lose your belongings due to a fire or theft, you'll know you have the proper coverage in place to get you back to where you were before the tragedy. Your policy will also provide coverage for you to live temporarily at another location while your apartment is repaired.

Tenant Insurance can cover virtually all of your personal possessions. Most policies provide coverage for electronic goods and equipment, small appliances, sports equipment, cameras and photography equipment, furniture, clothing, glassware and china, and books. Items such as computers, jewelry, furs, watercraft, and firearms can also be covered with extended protection.

Get A Burbank Rental Insurance Quote Today And Actually Save Money!

You can see the reasons why having a Renter's policy is beneficial, but what if we told you that it can potentially be cheaper to have a Renter Insurance policy WITH an Auto Insurance policy as compared to having the policies separately? Most insurance companies provide a "multi-policy" discount on your Auto Insurance simply by adding Rental coverage to your account. The savings on your policies often outweigh the cost of an annual Tenant Insurance policy thereby making it cheaper for you to have two policies compared to one. It's a no brainer! Contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency today and start protecting your belongings and wallet.