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Burbank RV Insurance

Is your Motorhome insured on your Auto Insurance policy? If it is, you are probably missing some important features that are only available with a specific RV Insurance policy. Without a solid Burbank Motorhome Insurance policy, you are leaving your investment at risk. Even if you have a current auto policy that offers some coverage, your motor coach, trailer or fifth-wheel needs the special features that only an Motor Home Insurance policy can offer.

An RV policy acts as two polices. It will protect the outside like an auto policy and it will protect your items inside like a Homeowners Insurance policy. An standard auto policy won't cover the contents INSIDE your RV like an RV Insurance policy will. Don't just protect the outside! Protect the inside as well.

So with all this extra coverage is this affordable? Absolutely. Burbank Motorhome Insurance policies are scaled to offer just the right amount of coverage for the road and for your possessions and are surprisingly affordable. Motor Home Insurance is worth the cost!

Normal auto policies are concerned with your RV as a vehicle on the road but the coverage may end once you pull into a campground for the night. This is where Motorhome Insurance extends the coverage you receive around the clock.

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