Private Client Umbrella Insurance

Protect Your Assets Completely With Excess Liability Insurance

It is unfortunate, but today we live in a litigious world. People are always looking to take advantage of society and earn a quick buck no matter who is affected in the process. This sad fact leaves you and your family open to possible exposure you may not realize:

  • Forfeiture of your home
  • Loss of your savings
  • Forfeiture of future earnings

One other factor also comes into play: when they know you have accumulated more assets, they WANT more.

You've worked hard all your life to get to the position you are in financially. You've put in the extra hours to insure that you and your family are secure for years to come. You've met with your financial adviser, diversified your portfolio, even invested in additional real estate.

You are proud of these accomplishments. In fact, you have protected them with the best insurance you could.

However, it may not be enough insurance protection and that's when it's time to think of an Umbrella Insurance policy.

What are your limits on your auto and home liability policies? $300,000? $500,000?

That won't cover it.

There are many fluke occurrences that could happen: an auto accident, someone slips and falls on your property, or even someone drowning in your pool. All of these could lead to a lawsuit. Of course you have auto and home insurance that will cover these; however, what if your policy limits are exhausted and used up by the lawsuit and there's more money to pay? That's where a Burbank Umbrella Liability Insurance policy comes in. It provides the EXTRA PROTECTION you would need to avoid having your current and future funds lost in a crippling lawsuit.

Secure Your Lifestyle

The most surprising thing about Umbrella coverage is the cost. By spending about $25 a month, you could add an additional $1 million of protection over both your Home Insurance and Auto Insurance! With limits available up to $10 million and more, an Umbrella policy is simply the smartest purchase you can make to insure you and your family are protected now and in the future. You need protection that will rev up after the other policy limits are exhausted. You need Umbrella Insurance protection.

At Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency we have provided umbrella protection since 1955. We know how to protect your assets. Now you will too. Contact us 818-841-2940818-841-2940.