Private Client Valuables Insurance

Special Coverage For The Special Items

Certain items that you own require special attention.  An engagement/wedding ring, a collection of fine arts, an extensive wine cellar or a watch that is a family heirloom are all items that often require an extra level of special coverage.  By scheduling these items on a Valuables Insurance policy our Private Clients are able to secure the extra level of coverage their special items will require.

 Often times, a standard homeowner's insurance policy limits the amount of coverage for specific items like jewelry.  By scheduling these items on a Valuable Articles policy, our Private Clients take advantage of broader coverage including:

  • Coverage for these items at their full value with NO deductible
  • All Risk coverage.  No matter what happens to these items, they are fully covered.
  • Coverage is provided worldwide.  Even when on vacation, if an item goes missing, coverage is provided.
  • Newly Acquired Item Coverage.  If you have a Valuable policy already in place, coverage will be automatically provided for new items purchased up to 90 days (up to $50K on jewelry)

Valuable Article Insurance Made Easy

One of the most frustrating things about Valuable Insurance policies is the necessity to obtain appraisals for items on the policy.  Our carriers make this process as easy as possible for our Private Clients as often times appraisals are not needed for jewelry items valued at $50,000 or less and fine arts items valued at $100,000 or less.  And if you do happen to need an appraisal we can recommend a number of qualified appraisers in your area, making the job of appraising your valuable items as easy as possible.

You hold these items to a specific standard so contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency today to discuss how we can help in covering these items the way they deserve.