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California Commercial Property Insurance

Most people think of large objects such as buildings when they hear the term "Commercial Property Insurance". Obviously these large objects are important and in need of being protected; however, it is often the smaller pieces involved with a business that have the greatest impact on whether that business can continue to function after a loss: Computers, files, furniture and product inventory are key components that allow you to maintain your business productivity from almost any location. Dealing with losing all of these things is hard enough. Now imagine not having the proper coverage to protect these items and you can start to see the hardship your business will suffer. Having the proper Business Property Insurance policy helps to protect both the large and small items should they ever be lost in an accident and helps to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

How Do I Know What The Right Amount Of Coverage Is?

Not sure what the proper amount of coverage is? Contact the experts at Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency and we'll be able to walk you through the process of determining the proper amount of protection for your building and all of the smaller items that are vital to your business. Often times, it only takes a few minutes to determine your real insurable need when it comes to Commercial Property Insurance as we can gather basic information from you about your business and all the commercial property you own.

You may be worried about the cost of getting insured, but since you can choose the exact coverage amount you'll need, you can immediately control the cost of insuring these items You can even save additional money by making the commercial property part of a Business Owners or Package Insurance policy.

Beyond choosing the right amount of coverage, you'll also want to consider the right TYPE of coverage. If you don't have replacement cost coverage on your Business Property Insurance policy then you are simply wasting your money by paying for an actual cash value policy. Wouldn't you want the full reimbursement it would cost to replace your building and business items? Replacement Cost Coverage gives you that, where as actual cash value only provides the reimbursement of your items including depreciation which significantly reduces the true value of your items.

Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency: Your Insurance Experts

Each and every year your business changes. And with that change comes different insurance needs. We'll work with you each and every year to determine if the policy limits are still the correct amount or if your Business Insurance needs have changed. We'll always want to make sure there are no short falls when it comes to being properly protected and by reviewing your coverage each year we can assure that this won't happen.

All these reasons and more is why you should contact us at Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency today to discuss your California Business Property Insurance needs. The coverage is available to any business owner with property to insure. Even if you lease space, you'll want to consider your furniture, equipment, inventory and files.

Simply call us today at 818-841-2940 and we'll get you started in the right direction to protecting your commercial property.