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Insure More Than Your Machines With The Right Coin Op Insurance Policy

Machine malfunctions, slip and fall liability, ruined clothing. These are just a few of the risks that you take on as an owner of a laundromat business and as the owner you always feel it's smart to protect from these risks. Often times we see owners of laundromats purchase insurance, but it is usually lacking in coverage and has tremendous gaps in their protection. One of the saddest situations we ever encountered involved one hard-working laundromat owner who dutifully insured his washers, dryers and pressers. As fate would have it, his establishment caught fire and the machines were ruined. The insurance company promptly paid to replace the machines.

Unfortunately, his establishment was ruined to the point where it was going to take some time to make the entire operation ready to be open for business again. Because the owner neglected to include loss of income coverage on his Laundromat Insurance, he was not reimbursed for his expenses paid plus some profit while his business was being prepared to reopen. Tragically, he had brand new machines, but no business to put them in. He went bankrupt and lost the business all together. Don't end up like this!

Keep Your Client's Clothes Clean, We'll Keep 'Em Safe

Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency can help you understand and protect all of the risks you run and educate you to all the perils your business face. We will do this with a well thought out and executed Coin Op Laundry Insurance policy designed just for Laundromats.

All of the liability, property, equipment and machinery and other essential protections will be included in one comprehensive insurance package developed by a top-rated insurance carrier. Your coverage options include but aren't limited to:

  • Business Property Insurance: Provides coverage for the buildings you own as well as your business property against physical loss or damage, including the dryers, washing machines, store fixtures, computers, furniture and flooring among many other things.
  • General Liability Insurance: Portion of your Coin Op Insurance that provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage, products and completed operations, and personal and advertising liability claims that may arise during your business operations.
  • Business Income Insurance: As in the example listed above, this will provide coverage in reimbursing you and your company during the "downtime" of repair due to a covered peril. Items like loss of revenue after a crippling claim can help preserve a business to carry on.
  • Workers Compensation: Coverage for your employees if they are ever injured while on the job.
  • Business Auto Coverage: Coverage for all the autos you use in your laundromat business.
  • And many, many more!

Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency: Your Burbank Laundromat Insurance Expert

In the example at the top of this page, the business owner thought he was doing the prudent thing by saving as much as he can in insurance costs, but in the end he cost himself the entire business. Don't assume that Coin Op Insurance is expensive, because it's not. The opposite is true because we're able to submit your business to a number of insurance carriers that are anxious to write your coverage. That competitive nature allows you to reap the savings and the benefits. By partnering with the business insurance pros at Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency, you will be talking with an insurance protection veteran who knows your business and how the various insurance protections align with it.

We have been protecting the businesses of Burbank since 1955 and will put together a premiere Laundromat business package for you at an affordable cost.

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