Building Owner Insurance

California Commercial Building Insurance

How To Know Your Building Owners Insurance Is Dependable

Your commercial building is an investment. No, it's more than an investment. It ties directly to securing your future and retirement. The income received on this property is going to take care of you for the remainder of your life. Imagine a loss happening to this building and finding out that after all these years the property isn't properly insured. Not only does that affect the future of the building, it affects the future of you. Three things that experts say all building owners should consider when purchasing Commercial Building Insurance:

  • Buying the right type of building coverage
  • Buying ENOUGH coverage for the building
  • Choosing the best broker policy to provide the policy

What type Of Building Owners Insurance To Purchase

Lots of building owners make a common fault by simply choosing a policy that has the lowest premium. Soon after, they often discover there are shortfalls in the policy that prevent them from being able to repair the building if needed due to a covered peril. A broad policy is usually a better choice rather than a named-peril type policy. This will insure that the building owner is covered for nearly every scenario possible.

How Much Insurance Do Building Owners Need?

The short answer is as much as they can afford. The long answer is as much as they need. In order to protect your building and everything that comes with it, at the very least these coverage options should be automatic:

  • Replacement Cost Coverage for the building: To provide adequate coverage for the repair and replacement of the building.
  • Business Interruption Coverage: To provide reimbursement to the owner if tenants have to move out during repair/replacement of the building.
  • General Liability Coverage: To provide liability coverage to the owner in case of a lawsuit brought on by a legally liable event.
  • Other additional options include: Equipment Breakdown, Employee Dishonesty, Backup of Sewer or Drain Water, AND many more.

Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency Can Handle Your Commercial Building Insurance Needs

Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency has dealt with the most competitive apartment owner, commercial building, condo, duplex and carriers in the industry since 1955. This allows us to find the most comprehensive package available at the most affordable price.

We serve Southern California multi-unit Building Owners Insurance needs including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Workshops and Garages
  • Apartments
  • Duplex and Multi-Family Units

For a comprehensive review of your current insurance policy, or a quote for a new policy, click here today or call us at 818-841-2940. Your future will be glad that you did!