California Church Insurance

Church Building Insurance In California: What’s Covered?

Reverend Falshaw couldn’t believe his eyes when he arrived at the 200-year old church building for work one morning—the damage to a large stained-glass window on the side of the building was heartbreaking.

And worse, he was devastated to discover it was shot at by someone with an airsoft gun. It was hard to believe someone would actually shoot it, seemingly just for fun.

A war memorial installed in 1952 to honor fallen soldiers from the town, only a portion would be covered by the Christian church’s liability insurance; but, unfortunately, repairs would have to wait for additional donations.

Not having sufficient church building insurance to cover damage, or any insufficient coverage with your temple or religious building, is only one insurance pitfall. While we would all like to be free from care when we come together for worship or fellowship—having so many people together at once presents a number of opportunities for church liability.

What Can Church Insurance Cover?

Insurance coverage can help protect your church building and peace of mind. Here are just a few of the situations we make sure you are protected against:

  • Theft or vandalism of the church building, temple or religious meeting hall
  • Injuries to those engaged in church activities, either inside the church building itself or outside
  • Officer protection in case of claims against the church
  • Loss from a fund raiser or church sponsored event
  • Loss of tithing if services are interrupted due to fire, flood or natural disaster
  • Compromised computer data
  • And many others

Let Aldrich Taylor Handle Your Church Insurance Needs

We deal exclusively with some of the most competitive church building insurance carriers in the industry and serve Southern California providing insurance for:

Houses of worship

  • Synagogues
  • Christian church liability
  • Catholic church liability
  • Religious schools and daycares
  • Religious conference centers
  • Temples
  • Camps
  • Church outings
  • Church employee benefits

We understand your church building is much more than a place to fellowship, it is often the center of your community, and Aldrich Taylor Insurance is here to help you prepare for crisis and return you to normal as quickly as possible.

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