Burbank Classic Car Insurance

Robert had just completed it. He'd spent just over two years fixing up his dream car, a 1967 Chevy Camaro convertible, cherry red with black interior. He'd been saving his money a little at a time and buying the parts needed as he went along just dreaming of the day when it was finally complete. That day had arrived and it was time to take his weekend-er out for a spin. Robert also knew that he would be properly protected for his investment because he contacted Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency to insure his Classic Car ahead of time.

Protect Your Dream Car

Burbank Antique Car Insurance is different from ordinary Car Insurance. A standard Auto policy will typically only provide a limited value on your classic car as they don't allow customers to set the value themselves. The Classic car policy enables you to provide protection for the full value of your collectible car for the amount you want and choose. That's the other real beauty of Vintage Auto Insurance: it is fully customizable.

Things to customize include:

  • The car's value. As you continue to restore your classic car, the value increases. Let the company know and you and amend the value. This insures that you are protected for your full investment at all times.
  • The amount of miles you drive the vehicle each year. A Classic Car Insurance policy will only apply if the vehicle is truly a collectible car, meaning it isn't your daily use vehicle. The amount of miles typically put on a classic car are far less than a standard commuter auto.
  • How the vehicle will be used. Will this only be a "show" vehicle or will you just keep the beauty to yourself on the weekends?

That's just to name a few, but the amount of other collector type coverages available may surprise you. The other thing that may surprise you is the cost. Antique Car Insurance is often one of the more affordable types of insurance policies that you can buy and when you consider the option to get full value on your investment, it actually becomes the easiest insurance policy you can buy.

Burbank Vintage Auto Insurance is available to anyone who has a classic or collectible vehicle that is a secondary car and needs to be insured at the collector's value.

Get started today! You can fill out our simple form or contact us at 818-841-2940. By doing so, you'll begin to understand the value of a Antique Car Insurance policy and know that if something were to ever happen to that dream car, Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency will have you fully protected.