Burbank Senior Driver Insurance

Reap the Benefits

You've reach the age of 55 with your health in tact,a beautiful family and a house to call home, but you still feel like you are paying too much for auto insurance. Often times, you can qualify for a discount on auto insurance simply because you have gotten older. Contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency about Senior Auto Insurance today to see if you can reap the benefits of maturing so gracefully.

Throughout life you've discovered that by being considered a "senior" there are many tailored benefits and discounts you know qualify for. Car Insurance is no different. By relying heavily on the length of your good driving record, Senior Car Insurance can cost 10-15% cheaper than standard auto insurance. Other factors that can apply to your savings include:

  • Attending a "mature" driver class through the DMV
  • Lower mileage/usage of your vehicle. You're now retired and naturally driving less.
  • Length of time licensed
  • Multiple cars on the policy

It's a proven fact that experienced drivers provide less risk for an insurance company to insure; hence the reason Senior Auto Insurance is available to you. You've been driving safely for a long time, you deserve to have lower auto premiums. Reap the benefits!

Premiums don't always lower automatically with age

You may think that your current auto insurance policy automatically adjusts to your advancing age. That's only true in part as the policy you purchased prior to the age of 55 has a potentially higher baseline preventing you from taking advantage of the full savings. Contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency today and discover how much you can actually save on your Senior Car Insurance. That extra money you'd be saving can go towards other things that will help you enjoy your retirement or add money to that retirement.

No longer waste money

You've worked hard to save money your whole life so that when you reach the retirement age, you'll be able to do the things you want to do: Travel, relax, visit family, etc. It makes no sense to waste that money on car insurance if it is not needed. Here at Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency we have been servicing the seniors of Burbank since 1955 in helping them secure the proper Senior Auto Insurance at the best rates. We look forward to helping you too. Simply contact us at 818-841-2940. You can also complete the Savings Protection Form and one of our agents will be contacting you soon.