Burbank Uber Insurance

Driving for Uber, Lyft or another rideshare company is a wonderful way to earn a living or just make some extra cash on the side. It's easy and convenient, but something most rideshare drivers don't know is that these companies have a significant gap in the insurance policy they provide their drivers potentially leaving them without coverage if their car was damaged. Most people also don't realize that the personal auto insurance policy they have won't provide any coverage while the ridesharing app is on.

Luckily, Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency now has coverage available that would provide Rideshare Insurance for Uber, Lyft or other ridesharing drivers during the time that their employer's policy and own personal auto policy have limitations or exclusions.

Here's The Breakdown

There are four periods of use when it comes to Uber Car Insurance. Most of the insurance industry has adopted California's definitions at this point. Here's what they are:

  • Personal Use: You are using your vehicle for private use only and the ridesharing app is off.
  • Period 1: You are using your vehicle for private use; however, the ridesharing app is on.
  • Period 2: You are using your vehicle for private use; however, the ridesharing app is on, and you have accepted a passenger(s) but haven't picked them up yet.
  • Period 3: You are using your vehicle to transport the passenger(s) to and from their pickup and destination.

During the Personal Use period, your personal auto insurance policy provides protection for you and your vehicle.

During Period 1, your personal auto policy provides NO COVERAGE and the coverage provided by the ridesharing company is severely limited.

During Period 2 & 3, full coverage is provided by the ridesharing company's auto policy.

It's Affordable

Anytime you add additional coverage to your auto insurance policy you immediately think, "what will this cost me?" Surprisingly, the cost to add Rideshare Insurance is minimal often times starting at about $0.20 a day (rates may vary depending on coverage selected and other underwriting factors). If you ever use your vehicle as an Uber, Lyft, or other ridesharing vehicle you simply can't afford NOT to have this important coverage.

Contact Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency today by filling out the quote form on this page or contacting us at 818-841-2940 to find out how cheap the benefits of adding Rideshare Insurance can be.