Car Wash Insurance In Burbank, CA

The great thing about owning a Car Wash in California is the weather. California has more good days to get your car washed than any other place around and as an owner of a car wash, it must be nice not thinking about something you can't control anyway! One thing that you can control is your insurance protection. Choosing the proper Car Wash Insurance policy is one of the most important decisions you'll make and unlike the weather, it's one where you possess the power. How long will your auto wash business last if you can't wash any cars? What if your building was damaged or you get tangled in a customer lawsuit? Could your business survive without protection? These are the important questions that you have to ask yourself and luckily Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency has your answers.

Control The Coverage You Need

A comprehensive Carwash Insurance policy in Burbank can offer the following coverage:

  • Business property coverage: For damage to all items related to your business, including office fixtures, outdoor signs, etc.
  • Customer vehicle damage coverage: For damage related to your customer's cars
  • Lost revenue due to damage or other unforeseen events
  • Crime Coverage: For money and securities or employee dishonesty
  • General Liability and Medical Payment Coverage
  • Worker's Comp Coverage: Coverage for your employees in case they are hurt while working.
  • Garage Liability Coverage
  • And so much more!

Although Car Wash Insurance provides the ultimate in protection you may think it's too expensive and that you can go without it. Don't think that way. If anything, the opposite is true! As a car wash owner, you simply can't afford NOT to have Carwash Insurance. Generally, the coverage for your auto wash business is more affordable than you think, plus it helps prevent an unforeseen event from destroying the business all together. An added bonus that we offer is the access to a multitude of carriers that want to write your car wash business. They want to remain competitive with each other and that means you as the customer reap the benefits.

Coverage For Every Scenario

You may feel that your auto wash business is already covered by general business insurance. Though this policy may cover damage to your property, the cars that pass through your service each day may not be, and this is a gap in coverage that Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency can fill for you. Gaps in coverage can make your business especially vulnerable and only the correct car wash policy can fully protect you.

Burbank Carwash Insurance is available to any owner of an auto wash facility in order to protect against losses arising from damage to your property or a customer's property.

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. Even unjustified claims can cripple a business, don't let another car pass through your wash without knowing that you are protected from potential claims.
  2. It's easy to get a no-risk quote right away. Simply fill out the short form above or call us at 818-841-2940 and we'll get the process going to obtain you a comprehensive and affordable insurance plan for your auto wash business.