Did You Know the Average Commuting Time in LA is Almost 30 Minutes?

August 22, 2017

Did You Know the Average Commuting Time in LA is Almost 30 Minutes? 

The average commuting distance is just under 9 miles. However, you could be commuting an hour to work each day and it can sometimes get nerve-wracking. This helpful commuting guide from Aldrich/Taylor Insurance Agency is here to help improve your daily commute with commuting tips, and answers to some commonly asked questions.

Common Questions on LA Commuting

Why is commuting so tiring? Many people get worn out just driving to and from work every day. Sitting in traffic is very stressful and can cause anger, anxiety, remorse, and resentment. These things alone are enough to wear you out.

To deal with all the stress, you might try taking up yoga or Pilates. Maybe a class near your job would be a good idea. Telecommuting may be another good way to solve your commuting issues. Let's check out some more questions on traveling to and from work.

Are Commuting Miles Tax Deductible?

Generally speaking, you cannot deduct the miles you drive to and from your job, on your income taxes. However, when you drive for business-related purposes, it's a different story. Here is an example:

Fred sells real estate in LA. When he shows a house in Burbank or Glendale, he can deduct the mileage to and from the house. In fact, anywhere he drives on business during the day is deductible, except his drive from home and back home each day. In other words, there is a difference between standard commuting vs business miles, when it comes to taxes. If you're not sure, talk to your tax person.

What Are Some Things to Do During Commuting?

If you carpool and you're not driving or you use public transportation, your options are limitless. You can sleep, read, play video games, or just sit and relax. However, even if you drive here are some things to consider:

  • Listen to motivational audio
  • Enjoy relaxing music (but not music that makes you sleepy)
  • Engage in conversation or simple games (if you're not alone)
  • Make some business calls (it's best to use a hands-free cell phone)
  • Get some exercise - if you don't live too far from work, try walking or bicycling. Just one or two days a week can make a difference.

What is the Best Car for Commuting?

The cheapest is not always the best. Instead, why not choose a car that delivers reasonable fuel economy yet still provides a comfortable ride? This will give you a cost of commuting you can live with. Forbes recommends cars like the Subaru Legacy, Mazda MX-5, and the Chevrolet Impala. US News and World Report recommends vehicles like the Kia Forte, Honda Civic, and Toyota Prius. For best results, check out some of the latest info on the top-rated cars for commuting, by doing some online research on your own.

Is a Motorcycle Good for Commuting?

Where you drive each day, can have a huge effect on whether you choose a motorcycle or not. Because they are smaller than cars, you can often zip through traffic jams and this can save you time and frustration. Here are some good reasons to consider a motorcycle:

  • Price - many new bikes considerably cheaper than cars.
  • Fuel economy
  • Cheaper insurance
  • Fun to ride

When Is Commuting Worth It?

In some cases, long-distance commuting for work may not be worth it. If you have to spend several hours each day on the road, you might want to think about another job, maybe even telecommuting. If you're not sure what to do, sit down and write out a list of all the pros and cons of commuting to work. You may learn a lot about your situation when you do a little self-analysis.

Tips for Commuting in the LA Area

To help make your commute a little easier, consider these helpful tips.

Break the Monotony

Do you drive the same route every day? This can be tedious and boring. Instead, try a different route. This will give you a "plan B" when you have major traffic problems. It'll also help break up the monotony that can make you complacent. When you get set in a pattern, it's easy to lose focus and that's when accidents happen.

Get Up 10 Minutes Earlier

Do you have to rush to work each day? If so, all kinds of bad things can happen. Set the alarm for ten minutes earlier and you won't need to rush. This will give you time for a cup of coffee and you can check the local traffic reports before you leave. An extra ten minutes can greatly improve your commuting quality of life.

Don't Take Chances

Did you know many people in LA don't have enough auto insurance? The liability limits in California are only 15/30/5. With minimal coverage, your insurance company only pays $15,000 for a personal medical claim, $30,000 for total medical claims on an accident, and just $5,000 for personal property damage.

What happens if your car hits a slick spot on the road and skids into oncoming traffic? After the insurance pays, you have to make up the difference. You could be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and property damages.

Talk to your insurance professionals at Aldrich/Taylor Insurance Agency. As an independent insurance agency, we can get you the best deals on your insurance because we don't use just one company. Don't drive underinsured and take chances on your financial future. Call us today at 818-841-2940 to see how affordable the right kind of coverage can be.