California Tow Truck Insurance

Owing a towing company can have lots of benefits. If operated well, the steady flow of business can help any owner sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long haul. With these benefits come plenty of risks and liabilities that your company can be exposed to and without proper towing and Tow Truck Insurance, you are opening yourself, your employees and your company to potential disaster.

While you may think that a standard general liability insurance policy will suffice for your company, you couldn't be further from the truth as the towing industry is a unique one requiring its own unique coverage options and limits. What is even more alarming is the number of companies that choose to go without insurance coverage all together. As an owner of a tow truck company, you simply can't afford to take that risk. Contact the experts at Aldrich Taylor Insurance Agency now and find out just how important it can be to secure the proper coverage.

Towing Insurance: It's All About The Details

A comprehensive towing and Towing and Recovery Insurance package includes, at the very least, protection for the vehicles your drive, the cargo you tow, and the property you garage. A more detailed glimpse at what would be provided on your tow truck insurance plan can look like this:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance- Coverage for your trucks while out on the road in case they are in an accident deemed to be their fault.
  • Uninsured Motorist - Coverage in case your trucks or autos are ever struck by an uninsured driver.
  • Hired and Non Owned Auto - Provides coverage in the event an employee is using a car not owned by the business
  • Garagekeepers Liability - Protection for any client's auto or property that you are keeping or garaging on their behalf.
  • Garage Liability - Tow Truck Insurance protection for any bodily injury or property damage claims that happen as part of being a garage owner.
  • Also includes the Commercial Insurance Basics like:

Lots Of Value In Towing Insurance

Certainly your first impression when seeing all of the coverage options available is to think that tow truck insurance is an expensive commodity; however, the costs associated with this coverage can be very affordable especially when you consider the peace of mind it will bring you knowing that you have the proper coverage in place should something ever happen.

Another reason Towing and Recovery Insurance can be so affordable is because our agency has the ability to approach multiple markets that are willing and eager to quote and write your policy. The competitive nature of our companies allows you, the client, to reap the benefits. It also helps to confirm that the insurance package you are purchasing is a comprehensive and economical one.

Any owner that operates a towing company is able to purchase California Towing Insurance. Whether you have a large fleet of vehicles or you are a one man towing show, we can help you find the best insurance that will cover the vehicle liability, on-hook cargo liability and garage liability.

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. Before you load your next truck, make sure that you have full protection from the side of the road, back to the lot and
  2. You can get a no-risk quote right away by filling out the short form above or calling us at 818-841-2940. We'll bring back to you a cost effective policy that suits your needs.